Liberty Bank myPic Debit Card

Image Guidelines

Please read the following image guidelines carefully

Our current image upload guidelines restrict theuse of certain types of images.  The following guidelines have been put in place to help you with your selection; howevr, Liberty Bank reserves the right to approve or deny any image at our sole discretion.

For all images, you must:

  • Use one of the following file formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, or bitmap

  • Ensure the image file is at least 840 x 840 pixels and no more than 10 MB in size

  • Own the image or have express consent from the owner to use the image.

Please do not submit any images that contain the following:

  • Copyrighted or trademarked material. If you did not take the photo or own the image, we cannot accept it.

  • Branded products

  • Celebrities/musicians/public figures/athletes/cartoon, etc.

  • Violence, violent acts or any type of death imagery (e.g. images of skulls)

  • Socially unacceptable or discriminatory behavior or signs (e.g. gangs, hatred, drug/alcohol abuse, graffiti)

  • Profanity or other obscene behavior or gestures

  • Images of money from any country (including the United States) where money is the central focus of the photo

  • Controversial subject matter such as political statements or images

  • Phone numbers, addresses, account numbers, personalized identification numbers, or URL addresses

  • Competitive marks/names (e.g. Discover, American Express, etc.)

  • Any image where the content is not clearly comprehensive or discernible.  This includes non-English text, images, where the subject is unlear (i.e. blurry, distorted, etc.) and may be interpreted as violating the guidelines.

  • Any photo that might result in non-acceptance or other problems at point of sale.